It is a flexible, skinnable manager of virtual notes on your desktop
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PNotes is a program that will allow you to remember important things.
This utility will allow you to create virtual post-its that you can place anywhere on your desktop, reminding you about meetings, events, dates, birthdays, phone numbers and every piece of important information you must remember.

PNotes stands for Pinned Notes. When you run the program, it will remain quietly as an icon in the system toolbar. You can access to its commands by right clicking on that icon.

You can make a new note, using your preferred font type, color or size. You can underline whatever you want, and write the text in italics or bold, applying your preferred alignment. You can adjust the note appearance, by changing the caption font or background color, and its schedule, so it will appear in your desktop at a given time, or at given intervals. You can also dock the note to your desktop, or send it out to someone as an email attachment.

For a better management, you can create groups, and classify your notes into them. You can even save notes to your hard disk, and load them into PNotes whenever you want.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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